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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Let's get started

Just compiled the data from the Interschool Championship held in Berjaya Time Square.

I also had the luck to interview three groups of students.
If i cannot publish the interview in the Star, will post them here so that everyone get to read about them/themselves.

my initial reflection of the event is that it feels like the King's Cup in Bangkok, Thailand, albeit on a much smaller scale: Scores of schoolchildren and noisy music in the background. The only thing lacking is the presence of masters playing in a separate division but i think Ganesh and I fulfill that to a certain degree. Unfortunately for Ganesh, i whooped him in all the games we finished. Heck! I even score and track the last game we played in my head, corrected his score twice and he surrendered!

As to the level of play, no MIKVEHS, like the one my dear friend from Singapore pointed out to me in Bangkok.
In the U-18 category, team Farbucks from St. Francis Institution probably spends too much time on ISC that they get more practice and and are better than everyone else. so everyone, the secret is out and here is the link So get cracking and you might catch up with Farbucks and give them a run for their money next year. Nice to see the established institutions like Sultan Abdul Samad and St. John Institution being humbled for once though.
U-15, a much closer fight but I am sorry that I cannot name anyone or any single team that stands out in my mind. So study hard and play more games and wow us seniors so that we will definitely write about you.

Still, the competition probably heralded the presence of St. Francis Institution as a Scrabble powerhouse in the school scene. Good for them since they live quite isolated from the vibrant Scrabble scene in KL and Penang, but they have also made the effort to travel up here to play as well. Hope to see more of them soon.

Enough gloating for now, my next post will probably be uncensored, unpolite and honest.


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