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Sunday, February 06, 2005

CNY Tournament

a big THANKYOU for all the participants who attended the CNY Tournament this weekend. The prize money was small but we had fun. To those who could not attend, there's always the next time.

Congratulations to Aaron Chong for winning the tournament, he gets RM80 for his effort. Zain finished 5th and won the prize for best student, RM30.

I will try to get some sponsors for the next tournament, but at least I am quite happy to organise and execute this tournament with only the entry fee covering everything from room rent to refreshments.

If you know of any other cheap venues (free would be even better!!!), please feel free to contact me. I am looking for rooms that can accommodate roughly 40 people, has furniture and computer facilities, air con for about RM150-RM200 per day.



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