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Sunday, January 22, 2006

CNY Tourney Entrants

Division A: Masters

Albert Khor Yee Shin (student, up)

Total Entry Fee: RM40
Division B: Intermediates

Tan Boon Aik (student)
Tan Jun Horng (student)
Foo Fang Hai (student)
Kenny Loh
Haravinth Thiruthond (student)
Tan Jia Yuan (student)+
Geoffrey Yeow (student)
Theodore Raj (student)
Wendy Lee Suk Ling (student)
Cedric Stewart Lewis (student)
Lee Pao Hsien
Jon Lim Kee Siang+
Louis Hew (student)
Kazrin bin Khairul Anuar (student,up)*
Kei Melia (student, up)*
Muhammad Syafiq Bin Mat Saad (student, up)*
Veronica Choong Wai Han (student, up)*

Total Entry Fee: RM365
Division C: Novices

Sharfizi Azmal
Adlinna Abdul Alim*
Dipesh Sanghvi (student)*
Khor Wye Funn (student)*
Louis Lim Yun Ying*
Meor Mohamad Tahar Bin Meor Abu Bakar*
Nigel Lee (student)*
Soe Kam Hoong (student)*
Sue Wye Luun (student)*
Tan Boon Lye (student)*+
Teddy Teo Swee Phin (student)*
Tung Mun Yee*

Total Entry Fee: RM280


Blogger Louis a.k.a TCK said...

u spelt Kei Melia wrongly.. its not kei melie

3:06 PM

Blogger Victor Ching said...

Wow... what happened to all the masters?

4:08 PM

Blogger Henry Yeo said...

they are screw them if they don't show up

5:03 PM

Blogger Victor Ching said...

Don't you think 2 participants for a division is a bit small...

I don't want comment on anything as I am not even participating.

6:27 PM

Blogger Louis a.k.a TCK said...

wau... 2 players in one division. imagine playing 11 games with the same person. FUN!

8:34 PM

Blogger Victor Ching said...

How interesting...

Wonder who will prevail?

Albert or William?

5 dollars for William?

Any bets?

3:39 PM

Blogger Henry Yeo said...

Might have to combine divisions if the numbers don;t increase soon

2:24 PM

Blogger Victor Ching said...

OK... now that WILLLIAM has pulled out, I think henry would have no choice but to combine divisions.

7:23 AM


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