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Saturday, September 10, 2005

2005 Nationals

As expected.

Masters (16 games):
Ganesh 1st (13 wins)
Yeo KH 2nd (12 wins)
Cheah SH 3rd (11 wins)

*No change from Day 1, howiszat?

Open (14 games):
Martin Teo 1st (13 wins)
Rainier Ng 2nd (11 wins)
Sithambara Kuhan 3rd (11 wins)

U-18 (11 games):
Ong Suanne 1st (10 wins, what do you expect?)
Foo Fang Hai 2nd (9 wins)
Ng Peng Sang 3rd (8.5 wins)

U-15 (11 games):
William Kang 1st (10 wins, any surprises?)
Sarah Sim 2nd (10 wins, she beat William. ain't she great?)
Tan Boon Aik 3rd (9 wins)

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