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Thursday, April 21, 2005

WSC Qualifiers as of today

Now that the Nationals are over. Here is the final summary of the players who will represent Malaysia at the 2005 WSC in London.

The qualifiers will take the National Champion and the highest rated player at the end of the Nationals. Players who intend to qualify by ratings must play at least 60 games (excluding the Nationals) and the Nationals.
Final Update: 11 September 2005

RankNameRatings# Games played
1Ganesh Asirvatham190496
2Yeo Kien Hung1745181
3Pui Cheng Wui1668106
4John Lam1612111
5Jocelyn Lor1607149
6Kong Chock Heng160083
7Michael Tang157179
8Tan Jin Chor1570132
=9Tengku Asri1457166
=9 Tan Khee Chiang1457113

Tournaments included:
5th Penang Open Scrabble Competition 2004
2004 Malaysian Nationals
3rd Causeway Scrabble Challenge 2004
Champion of the New Year (CNY) Tournament 2005
De La Salle April mini 2005
7th Penang YMCA Tournament 2005
De La Salle Open 2005
2005 Malaysia Mensa Scrabble Challenge
De La Salle July mini 2005
2005 Leonard Wong Memorial Scrabble Tournament
6th Equatorial Cameron Highlands Scrabble Tournament 2005
2005 Malaysias National Closed Scrabble Championship

Congratulations to Ganesh Asirvatham (2005 Malaysian National Champion & highest rated player) and Yeo Kien Hung (2nd highest rated player and 2005 runner up) for making the WSC team. May you do well this coming November.


Anonymous MalaysianScrabbler said...

May Henry and Ganesh do us Malaysians proud in the upcoming WSC! We're rooting for you!

8:04 PM

Blogger Tan Khee Chiang said...

Dear Ganesh and Henry,

Congratulations to both of you! You will make us proud by showing some colours to the Thais!

It is a surprise to me I made it to the 9th in the qualifier list.

Please accept my best regards from Ho Chih Minh City, Vietnam when you make it to London!

Best regards,

Khee Chiang

3:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Henry, I read with disgust your posting entitled "Skinflint President". I think it's about time someone told you what a rude, pompous upstart you are - too big for your boots AND(more obviously) your pants, if I may say so. You may have qualified for the WSC, but even you, with your super-inflated ego, have to admit that there are others far more deserving than you. You are definitely NOT the 2nd best player in Malaysia, as evident from your performance in other tournaments.

It's okay to comment about what the President has done, but to use words like skinflint, idiot, etc. is totally uncalled for. Likewise your total lack of manners raising your voice and making rude remarks at the President during the Nationals. Hell, he is old enough to be your grandather - show some respect! If you think insulting him will make him look small, think again! All it does is show everyone what an uncouth wretch you are - kurang ajar!

2:27 AM


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