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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

21 BRAND'S King's Cup

Dear Players,

Welcome everyone to one of the world’s most exciting and challenging event of the year, the 21st BRAND’S Thailand International Crossword Game King’s Cup 2006, which will be held from June 29th – July 2nd, 2006 at Central City Bangna Shopping Complex, Bangkok, with the winner's prize of USD 6,000.

We proudly invite you to join a celebration of the wonderful 21st year of Crossword Game in Thailand and be a part of our greatest history together. This spectacular event will bring you to the world of real sport competition with an exciting and challenging atmosphere. Let’s join us! We are planning to set up this event to be the most memorable and enjoyable tournament ever.

Please find details of the tournament below. Should there be any queries or further information needed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would greatly appreciate the presence of you and your friends at our event.

Best regards,

Amnuay P.



Date: June 29th - July 2nd, 2006

Venue: 1st floor, The Bangna Hall, Central City Bangna Shopping Complex

Division: Open Division, open to all without restrictions


- Champion: HM King’s Cup + USD 6,000 + Gift Set

- 2nd place-getter : 75,000 Baht + Gift Set

- 3rd place-getter : 40,000 Baht + Gift Set

- 4th place-getter : 20,000 Baht + Gift Set

- 5th place-getter : 10,000 Baht + Gift Set

- 6th place-getter : 7,000 Baht + Gift Set

- 7th place-getter : 5,000 Baht + Gift Set

- 8th place-getter : 4,000 Baht + Gift Set

- 9th place-getter : 3,000 Baht + Gift Set

- 10th place-getter : 2,000 Baht + Gift Set

Bonus Prize

Each player (except the winner and the 2nd place-getter) will receive 50 Baht for every winning game on June 29-30 and receive 100 Baht for every winning game on July 1-2. ***This means that everyone has a chance to win prize money.***

Super Bonus Prize

If a player wins every game he played on any particular day, he will receive five times the Bonus Prize he would normally receive on that day instead of the normal Bonus Prize.

::::::: NOTE :::::::

The above prizes will be given only to the players who have played all 27 rounds completely.
The prizes will be awarded at the end of the tournament.
Everyone who receives the total prize money of over 500 Baht during the tournament is subject to paying a 5% witholding tax.
Entry Fee

USD120 (including Reception Party & 2 days Coffee Break) For those who has confirmed and sent in their application forms by May 31, 2006.
** Those who send in their application forms after May 31, 2006, must pay another additional fee of USD 10.

*** The application fee can be paid upon Bangkok arrival.

Words Source

SOWPODS 2000 (there will be a list of all 2 & 3-letter words and their inflected forms provided for each player. This list can be opened at any time during the game).

Challenge Rule

Free challenge, a player does not lose his turn when he challenges the acceptable word(s). Self-checking method, a player and his/her opponent will take a look at challenged word(s) at computer table provided.

Game Timing

Each player is allowed 25 MINUTES per game.

Maximum Difference

In each game, a player is allowed to win/lose not more than a maximum point spread of +/- 350. If there is any player win/lose more than maximum point spread of +/- 350, (s)he should record in Master score card and tally sheet with only +/- 350 point spread.


27 games in total.
Game 1-24 will base on Swiss pairing system.
Game 25-27 will base on King-of-the-Hill pairing system. Then after game 27, the top two players play the final.
Remark: The Gibson’s rule will be applied, in case, there is a player who has won enough games to guarantee 1st place or a seat in the finals, no matter how many games s/he loses thereafter.

The two finalists go to final with special rule: They have to play two games. If one of them wins both games, then that player will be the winner. But if they tie with a win and a loss, the third game will be played. The winner, in this case, is the one who scores the most when combining scores from three games.


The Novotel Bangna Bangkok Hotel (4 stars, 5-minute driving) offers the rate of 2,650 Baht net / night for a single room and 2,880 Baht net / night for a double room.
The Novotel Bangna is the nearest hotel to the venue. Its address is 14/49 Moo 6 Srinakarin Rd., Nongbon, Pravet, Bangkok 10250 Tel. (662)3660505 Fax.(662) 3660506.
Note: The above rates include American breakfast, complimentary use of Health Club, etc.

The King Park Avenue Bangkok Hotel (3 stars, 8-minute driving) offers the rate of 900 Baht net / night for either single or twin room with breakfast.
The King Park Avenue is located on 9/999 Soi Supapong 3, Srinakarin Rd., opposite to Seacon Square Shopping Complex, Nongbon, Pravet, Bangkok 10260. Tel.(662) 7481035 (15 Lines) Fax. (662) 7481050

The reservation can be done through us. (contact Mr.Ravee or Mr.Nuttakrit)


Thursday, June 29, 11.15-18.00, Registration / Opening Remark / Round 1-5 / Reception Party (18.30-22.30)
Friday, June 30, 11.30-18.30, Round 6-12
Saturday, July 1, 8.30-19.30, Grand Opening Ceremony / Round 13-20
Sunday, July 2, 8.45-19.00, Round 21-27 / Final Round / Closing Ceremony
For Application and Inquiry, contact

Mr.Ravee or Mr.Nuttakrit by Email: or Telephone (662) 6819971-3 or Fax (662) 6819974

How to apply

Send us your info about the below topics as well as your recent 1-inch photograph (2 copies) at the above-mentioned address. (you may send them via snail mail, email or fax as your choices) For the photographs, you may attach with you email. Closing date is May 31, 2006.

-- Name:
-- Age:
-- Nationality:
-- Occupation:
-- Address:
-- Telephone Number: (please indicate your city’s code)
-- Fax Number: (please indicate your city’s code)
-- Email:
-- Past records in any tournament:


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Can we know how many Malaysian Scrabblers will be taking part in King's Cup Tourney?


Khee Chiang

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my 2nd daughter really wants to join a scrabble club, that is why i let her participate in a school organization which is scrabble. she would love to join tournament

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