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Friday, June 16, 2006

Taylor Inter-College Scrabble Tournament (TICST)

Date : August 5-6, 2006
Time : 9:00am – 6:00pm
Venue : Taylor’s College Subang Jaya

Organiser: Scrachess Club (formerly known as Card and Board Games Club)
Tournament Director (TD): Mrs Yap-Song Kim Lian

1. To promote scrabble as a healthy mind activity.
2. To discover more talents in scrabble.
3. To foster good relationships between colleges.

Players must be full time students in any colleges or private universities in Malaysia. Players from private universities must be either doing Foundation or first year only.

1. Time limit : 25 minutes per person, no increment
: Penalty of 10 points for each minute (or part of) overtime
: Maximum penalty of 50 points
2. Challenge mode : SINGLE (no penalty for a wrong challenge)
3. Dictionary : SOWPODS (Internationally accepted)
4. Pairing : Australian Draw for Round 1-8, and King of the Hill for Round 9-11
5. Other rules : As stated in the Scrabble Rules of Malaysian Scrabble Association

Registration: Team of 2, with both the members from the same college
: Maximum of 5 teams per college
: Places may be limited, so registration is on first-come-first-serve
basis. Only the first 50 teams who registered will be competing.
: Deadline for registration is July 31, 2006.
: Acceptance of late registration or change of team members after
the deadline will be at sole discretion of the organizers.
: Payment can be made beforehand or on the tournament day.

Entry Fees
1. RM50 per team of 2, RM40 for the fourth and fifth team (if applicable)
2. RM30 per individual participation without a team member only
3. Players who participate individually need not pay the team entry fee.

1. Players will register as a team, but compete as an individual.
2. Players will ranked according to points (number of wins), then spread.
3. There is possibility for a team member to play against his/her counterpart.
4. Withdrawal of a team member will not jeopardize the other player’s chance for a prize in the individual category, only the group category.

Tentative schedule*

August 5, 2006
0830 – 0900 Registration
0900 – 0920 Final Briefing by Tournament Director (TD)
0925 – 1035 Round 1
1040 – 1150 Round 2
1150 – 1300 Round 3
1300 – 1410 Lunch Break
1415 – 1525 Round 4
1530 – 1640 Round 5
1645 – 1755 Round 6
1755 End of Day 1

August 6, 2006
0830 – 0900 Registration
0905 – 1015 Round 7
1020 – 1130 Round 8
1135 – 1245 Round 9
1245 – 1355 Lunch Break
1400 – 1510 Round 10
1515 – 1625 Round 11
1635 – 1710 Prize Presentation
1710 Dismissal

1. Certificates of Participation will be awarded to participants and Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to winners.
2. Other prizes will be announced later.

Sets and Clocks
1. Scrabble Sets & Clocks will be provided by the tournament organizers for the duration of the tournament.
2. Colleges are also encouraged to purchase scrabble sets for their own collection. Purchase of original Scrabble sets can be made through Mrs. Yap-Song Kim Lian at 012-3022053. Scrabble sets will be priced at RM60 each.
3. To colleges who wish to use their own sets and clocks (optional), please contact Teddy Teo before 31 July 2006.

TICST 2006 Organising Committee

Staff Advisor : Mr. Kreisler Buy (Student Services)
Organising Chairperson (OC) : Albert Khor Yee Shin (A-levels)
Secretary : Kang Suk Yein (A-levels)
Registration Director : Natasya Elmi (A-levels)
Logistics Director : Teddy Teo (A-levels)
Publicity Director : Lydia Leong Lai Peng (SAM)

Should you have any enquiries, kindly contact:

Albert Khor (016-2336992,
For all matters, including enquiries pertaining to registration

Natasya Elmi (016-2802977,
For registration

Teddy Teo (016-2348915,
For matters pertaining scrabble sets and clocks

*Subject to change.

For interested university and college students, please call Albert Khor for more information.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

strictly for 1300 and below?

12:35 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am Albert. For those with rating 1300 and above, it will be on a case-to-case basis. Please contact me through email/sms for more information.

8:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

can 2 person from diff college team up??

2:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Albert here. No two persons from different colleges can team up..written quite clearly in the details..sorry

Besides that,'s TAYLOR'S Inter College Scrabble Tournament, not TAYLOR Inter College Scrabble Tournament...Please make the necessary changes...thanks a lot

11:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

does this tourney rated for malaysia ratings?

2:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

can pls publish the prizes soon so that we can decide whether it's worthwile going all the way there...thanks :)

5:18 PM

Blogger Henry Yeo said...

yes to the ratings
i don't know, please ask the organizers directly to the prizes

10:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for late reply everyone, I am albert here, the organiser.

We have nice prizes from Mattel, so make sure you make your bid for the prizes! We are on our way for cooler sponsors.

7:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

can u post the prizes asap... Is there any cash prizes or just hampers with some games such as squad seven... sorry to trouble u and thanks...

3:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Albert here.

We will probably have hampers and definitely games from Mattel. We have Scrabble Original, Squad Seven and Scene It!

We may also award medals and certs, but I don't think we can provide cash prizes.

6:24 PM

Anonymous No Motivation!!! said...

Come on man...your college is so rich and we're paying for the tournament fees and we'll be playing within your college. Why not use some of the fees for cash prize?

3:56 PM

Blogger Henry Yeo said...

at least give the team a round of applause for organizing a tournament for you players.

I doubt that their college will only sponsor student associations activities, only sanction them. So whatever they get out of your entry fee mostly goes towards tournament cost, which is not a small figure.

Try organizing a tournament and you will understand the many frustrations organizers have to deal with, with regards to prizes & sponsorship, marketing and cost.

3:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't blame anyone for that as I was a player before, and I understand the predicament when it comes to prizes.

However, after discussing, we have decided that cash prizes WILL be given if the amount of participants exceed 60. Nothing less than that. Current count stands at 25, tentatively.

So, organisers will do their part and you do yours. Get your friends from any colleges and join...then we will put cash prizes as awards. I promise.

11:06 AM

Anonymous shalyn said...

cash prize is not quite everything. it's just an inter-college thingy. can get cash by winning the prizes and then sell the Mattel-sponsored prizes :D heheh.

12:46 AM

Blogger Henry Yeo said...

nice one, shalyn.
why didn't I think of it before

4:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we stop talking about prizes although its not attractive. Lets do the countdown for a change. Oh by the way can anybody provide me the list of participants there/?? Thanks

12:46 AM

Anonymous shalyn said...

lol. heheh. but gonna be tuff to find buyers, eh?
yea...participant list plssss...

6:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have decided to keep that as surprise till tournament day :)

However, we have people from Nottingham, KDU Penang (we know who), KBU, Taylors, HELP, TARC, Metropolitan, KYUEM, IMU and Kolej Matrikulasi Johor.

Innocent statement but isnt the joy of scrabbling rules over prizes? Just food for thought.

8:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is so unfair...

8:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

kolej matrikulasi johor??? who is that??

2:41 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Participant list will be ready on our club's blog, by 7pm on Friday. For those who are just so eager, please adjourn there to see it.

5:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Albert here.

Prizes will depend on the number of registered participants who attend the tourney tomorrow.

So make your way there tomorrow and see you.

12:42 PM

Anonymous shalyn said...

it's almost 8pm on friday...still no participant list! haha...are we in the same time zone?

8:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thot d tournament is 4 players rate below1300. it's not fair. can back out?

8:18 PM

Anonymous player said...

yeah...where's the participant list? already 8.20pm lah

8:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The list is up now...sorry for being late...connection is not very good here.

9:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i can't see how those with higher ratings will affect all of you. so what if certain participants' ratings are higher? it's the spirit of the game we are talking about here, and not whether there will be cash prizes up for grabs or not! personally, i see those who back out as cowards who do not have confidence in themselves. and you being afraid of other participants just shows how 'good' you are at the game.

really don't mean to be rude here, but can you ppl at least give credit to the organising committee for putting all their hearts and soul to make this possible for all of us college students? please people. get a life!

and to think singapore's our neighbour. talk about kiasu-ness.

9:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's harsh, but the person's right...

10:14 PM


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